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Stampt is a smartphone replacement for paper stamp cards, with the added capability of sending specials:

Combining powerful tools to help your business master customer acquisition and perpetual customer loyalty, Stampt allows you to connect with your customers where it matters most, all you have to do is reap the benefit of more customers, more often.

Connecting with your customers, and rewarding their loyalty, is a simple process with Stampt.

Stampt - How it Works
Unlike the paper stamp cards of old, you get to know your customers with Stampt. Through Stampt usages statistics and profiles, you can see when your customers are checking in, and how far they are to their next reward. Consumers love Stampt because they don’t have to worry about forgetting, losing, or cluttering their old printed cards, giving businesses the upper hand in a mobile economy.

Stampt is Social

Customers can opt-in to post their Stampt activity to Facebook and/or Twitter, allowing them to share check-ins and fully redeemed cards with friends.

Stampt isn’t only for customer loyalty

Businesses can send one-time special offers and promotions to customers through notifications and offers on their merchant screen.

Connecting with Your Customers When You Need It Most.

One of the inherent problems with loyalty programs and stamp cards is that, while a customer has incentive to visit a business, there is no call to action to bring them back through your doors. Stampt changes the game by allowing you to connect with your customers through the Stampt mobile app to offer special deals, or simply remind them to come in and redeem or fill up their Stampt card.

Proactive Loyalty

While most loyalty programs rely on customer action, Stampt allows you to connect with your customers on your terms, offering incentive to change them from one-time-customers to loyal and returning patrons for your business.

Get to Know Your Customers

Stampt reporting offers you the benefits of connecting with your customers in an effective way, all while you learn more about patterns and customer preferences through Stampt loyalty program reporting.

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